I am an professional artist. Who graduated from the School of Visual Arts in New York City with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Animation and received an associate degree in Visual Arts from Westchester Community College. I dedicated myself to the visual arts for my entire life with expression, passion and diligence. And because of that I will always overcome adversities.


My education in the visual arts began early my 1st mentor was at the age of 10 for one night, that brought me out of darkness. When I say I shared my pain with my ni_gas I meant it. It was the first lesson I learned at an early age of 10 from an Artist that I meet for one night of unlimited expression a session that brought me out of the darkest of times.

Not to find out years later that that artist was Jean-Michel Basquiat , and some of the work we did that night was reviled to be master pieces. Some times we choose to remember the worst of times but we forget the best of times that emerged from the worst. That's why I am posting this. Its not to convince you the reader or anyone else the facts are there anyone with an eye can see the similarity in the work from my childhood reflected in his works from the mid 80's. To the art scholars that want to question me I suggest you do some revaluating and study what I am about to reveal. What I am about to post will cause controversy to the entire art community. Those that study the craft will be confused and astonish. Others will be sacred shitless. And to let u know I am going to enjoy ever moment. And yes they are. Which means. Its for real.

I papoose a question to you graffiti fans and artist. If you studied Jean-Michel Basquiat and his art work which was base off graffiti ; has the question ever come up who he was writing over in some of his painting from the mid 80's. I saw a documentary where they said or he said he would write over his own work. Now does that make any since when he came from a graffiti back ground. Answer NO. Then comes the question then who was he writing over in some of the pieces he did? The Andy Warhol is document collaboration but what about the others. Who was the other artist that he collaborated with. You will find your answer here

If you doubt look at the text from my elementary note book and compare it to the text in some of Basquiat's paintings the ones done in mid 80's like 85ish.

Here's one example for you doubters.

AM all over these paintings being displayed behind Jean-Michel Basquiat. Those that know me will see it clearly those who don't notice let me point out a few things to begin with we stasrt with the obvious 1. The 4 feet text and ever thing below it on the painting and ask why that's there. My answer would be because I was only 10 years of age. And notice young is crossed out ask why. My answer then would of been I don't know why just after I wrote it he crossed it out. And now my answer would be I know it was a graffiti thing. And the text ( thier instead of their ) my documented handy cap was even showing up then with the reversing of letters its so obvious. I cant remember all the paintings we collaborated on that night but I can remember some. GET A HAND WRITIBG EXPERT. Here a radom link

I have other wide range of work and experience in the visual arts area that includes working with children as well as working with architects in designing buildings and worked on other high profile architectural projects that cant be announced by me for its there best interest to tell a lie not realizing the truth is in there best interest. My main aspirations are to get my master degree in architecture, so I can build some thing new,(Key word NEW) inspirational and lasting for future generations (This will get done with or with out that piece of paper we call a degree.) and to create my own hip-hop animated feature film with friends. All of my life I have been pursuing a visual arts career but just recently started entering in gallery shows around the New York region. I started painting seriously when I entered college and reminded that it is to be a great outlet for expression. A lot of my latest paintings reflect movement or a action of some kind this is most likely due to my animation background. However some do have that trauma that you see in the early Jean-Michel Basquiat collaborations done in the mid 80's. Some say why now. Why now come out. Here's my answer I can back it up, all of it. Second only for literary terms - it's for my family - 3rd because am piss. I told you I was going to bring the pain and I am. So its not as if am just dropping this on you. I been preparing you for this the hole time. I told you I dedicated myself to the visual arts for my entire life. But note no monetary value is high enough to pay for all of what I seen at such an early age. The fire you see in my eyes is real the rage the pain and the reflection.

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